The People 


Fred Weeden

Chair Person/Treasurer

Vice Chair Person

Shirley Gladwin


Louise Heath 

Minutes Secretary

Jan Wright

Press Officer

Sarah Glenholmes 

Team captains

                                                                              A TEAM CAPTAIN                  Vicki McNally               

                                                                              A TEAM VICE                           Karl Price

                                                                              B TEAM CAPTAIN                  Mike Wright           

                                                                              B TEAM VICE                         Sarah Glenholmes

                                                                              C Team Captain                     Helen Wilson 

                                                                              C Team Vice                            Andy Jones                           

                                                                              Whitchurch captain            Shirley Hadley         

                                                                              Whitchurch vice                   Karl Price                  

                                            BARLOWS A CAPTAIN      Sarah Glenholmes                                                                                                     BARLOWS  A VICE           Peter Leath                                                                                                                                                BARLOWS B CAPTAIN           Graham Coates

                                                                             BARLOWS B VICE                   Christine Oliver              

                                                                             SENIOR A  CAPTAIN              John Doherty           

                                                                             SENIOR A VICE                       Graham Kirk

                                                                             SENIOR B CAPTAIN               Pete Stirling

                                                                             SENIOR B VICE                        John Kenworthy     

                                                                          AFTERNOON A CAPTAIN Shirley Hadley

                                                                             AFTERNOON A VICE            Sarah glenholmes

                                                                             AFTERNOON B CAPT        Shirley Gladwin      

                                                                             AFTERNOON B VICE            Jan Wright    

The Rest of the Commitee Members

John Wright

Sue Wright

Andy Heath

Dave evans