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 🌟 Exciting News! We’re thrilled to announce that we have been awarded a medium grant comprising £24,700 from the Inclusive Communities Fund— a £9 million initiative inspired by the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. 🚀 Our mission: Aligned with the Commonwealth Games principles, we are focused on bringing people together, improving well-being, fostering growth, and putting our region on the map. 💡 Themes of impact: Our project centers around Physical Activity, Sport, Mental Health, and Well-being, and aims to create a greater perspective of Crown Green Bowling and its benefits on the body and soul. We are focused on raising the profile of our sport to keep its future relevant to as many participants of all genres for many more years to come.  🌈 Positive change: With this fund, we will be able to empower our community, address real issues, and create a lasting legacy. Thanks to the @Heart of England Community Foundation, @West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA), @United by Legacy, @UKGOV, and the Commonwealth Games organisers for this incredible opportunity. Stay tuned for updates on our journey as we contribute to lasting positive change! 🌟

Edgmond 50th Anniversary Triples Competition

We had the 50th-anniversary triples competition, which was well attended considering the unsettled weather. Everyone did very well, and some new members have also enjoyed the comp. The final was played out between John, Jan, Sarah Graham, Pete, and Steven. They all played very well, but it was John and Co. that won in the end. Thank you to everyone who came and those who organised it—a very enjoyable day, even with the inclement weather.

Flower show doubles cup 2024

Edgmond Crown Green Bowling Club Flower Show Doubles Cup Final


On a picturesque spring afternoon, the highly anticipated final of the Edgmond Crown Green Bowling Club's Flower Show Doubles Cup took place. The final saw an exhilarating match between two proficient pairs: Mike and Jan Wright and Christine Oliver and Graham Coates. 


The finalists showcased outstanding skill and precision throughout the game, leaving spectators eager to see who would emerge as the winners of the coveted Flower Show Doubles Cup.


The initial exchanges were tightly contested, with both pairs displaying remarkable technique and shot selection. The match quickly became engrossing, with excellent tactical decisions and precise deliveries being the hallmark of each player's performance.


Mike and Jan Wright exhibited remarkable proficiency and cohesion from the outset. They showed great understanding, seamlessly working together to execute flawless deliveries. This pair's excellent communication and strategic placement of their bowls gave them a significant advantage.


While Christine Oliver and Graham Coates undoubtedly put up a valiant fight, their performance was slightly overshadowed by the Wrights' exceptional gameplay. Oliver demonstrated great technique and determination throughout the match, showcasing her experience and commitment to the sport. Coates, although facing a steep challenge against the formidable Wright pair, delivered some impressive shots, demonstrating his talent and expertise.


Despite their exemplary effort, Oliver and Coates unfortunately succumbed to the relentless pressure imposed by the Wrights, finding it difficult to overcome their opponents' impeccable consistency.


In a riveting and well-contested match, Mike and Jan Wright emerged as the deserving winners of the Edgmond Crown Green Bowling Club's Flower Show Doubles Cup. Their unwavering focus, remarkable coordination, and impeccable execution of shots earned them a resounding victory over Oliver and Coates.


The final of the Edgmond Crown Green Bowling Club Flower Show Doubles Cup was a captivating and thrilling encounter. Both pairs showcased admirable skills, determination, and sportsmanship. However, it was Mike and Jan Wright who demonstrated exceptional teamwork and consistently delivered outstanding shots, leading them to victory.


The event not only showcased the talent and dedication of the participating bowlers but also underlined the significance of such competitions in fostering community spirit and promoting the sport of crown green bowling. The Edgmond Crown Green Bowling Club can be proud of organizing an enthralling final, leaving everyone eagerly anticipating the next edition of the Flower Show Doubles Cup.

The Jubilee cup 2024

The Jubilee Cup Crown Green Bowling Event: A Thrilling Final Showdown


On the 21st of April, the Edgmond Jubilee Cup Crown Green Bowling event took place, providing a captivating spectacle for all present. The final match between seasoned bowlers Jon Lea and Jan Wright exceeded expectations, delivering a thrilling display of skill and unwavering determination.

The spotlight was on Jon Lea and Jan Wright, two immensely talented crown green bowlers. 


As the final match commenced, it became clear that both bowlers were determined to give it their all. The precision and focus evident in their every move captivated the audience, creating an environment of anticipation and enthusiasm.


The skill and technique displayed throughout the event were nothing short of exceptional. Jon Lea's calm demeanor and exemplary technique shone through, while Jan Wright left spectators in awe with her fiery passion and powerful deliveries.


With both players performing at the peak of their abilities, the match's final moments were filled with tension and exhilaration. The scoreboard was a testament to the determination of both participants. 


Ultimately, Jon Lea emerged as the champion of the Jubilee Cup. His unparalleled talent and unwavering dedication became evident as he secured victory with a final bowl of pure brilliance. Despite falling short, Jan Wright demonstrated remarkable tenacity and played an integral part in this event.

The Jubilee Cup crown green bowling event held on the 21st of April showcased the essence of the sport: skill, passion, and unwavering commitment. Spectators were treated to an unforgettable display as Jon Lea and Jan Wright battled it out in a final.


The event successfully captured the spirit of the Jubilee Cup, and it is with great admiration that we congratulate Jon Lea on his well-deserved victory. We commend Jan Wright for her spectacular performance and contribution to this enthralling match.

The Edgmond Open 2024

We had the first of the qualifiers for the Edgmond Open. It was a busy day, made possible by club members volunteering their time to make it a great start to the tournament. Thankfully, the weather held off for the first day, but Sunday was a little damp, but it didn't dampen anyone's spirit. 

Results and further info available via this link 

2023 Presentation evening

On the 2nd of December, 2023, we all gathered for our annual presentation evening that we hosted at Edgmond Village Hall. It was well attended, with people waiting to receive their trophies from the season.

 There was a disco and karaoke, and an excellent buffet for us to enjoy. There was plenty of merriment and fun. After the presentation of the trophies, the disco got underway, and people danced the rest of the night away.

Lights Update

The new energy efficient LED floodlights have now been fitted and are in full use. This helps the club to be more energy efficient, and have a better playing experience in latter part of the season when the days become shorter. This has been made possible by way of a grant from the Telford and Wrekin climate change fund.

About the Telford and Wrekin Climate Change Fund

In 2019, Telford & Wrekin Council declared a climate emergency and committed to its operations being carbon neutral by 2030, with an aspiration for the borough to be carbon neutral by 2030 too. Its Climate Change Fund was created in 2021, and a second round was opened in 2022, to support the community in its efforts to achieve this goal. Applications were invited from local businesses, community groups and schools to fund projects enabling them to reduce their carbon emissions. To date, the council’s Climate Change Fund has awarded more than £335,000 in grants to deliver this work. 

Video from Mike Wright

EDGMOND BC renovations:

As it is that time of year, and the bowls season has ended for most, and many have put their bowls away for the year, it gives our Green keeper and some of the club members a chance to prepare the green for a well-deserved rest and enable it to recover from the previous season. Many thanks to Paul Mytton for his help and to all the EDGMOND members who turned up today to help. Thanks to Paul Law for his superb video


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